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Book your tandem skydive now

Do you want to experience skydiving but don’t have the time for hours of preparations? Then a tandem jump is the right solution!

Have you given up searching for the best birthday present for your husband, co-worker, business partner, girlfriend?

Do you want to be original? Gift them a voucher for an unforgettable tandem skydive.

Posebna akcija

To make the present really perfect, add in a professional video clip and photos of their skydive.

Everything the done has to do is to call our contact number which is indicated on the tandem jump voucher and in the matter of days he/she will to execute the jump.

You can order the tandem jump voucher by:
-Filling out our internet application
-By telephone
-By e-mail

Tomaž Hrast
Ljubljana, SLO
e-mail: [email protected]

Booking form

Name and surname of the person jumping *
Weight of the person *
 do 100kg  
 nad 100kg - doplačilo 20€ 
Your name and surname *
Post code
Your contact number *
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Options *
 Tandem skydive - 210€
 Video by a hand-mounted camera - 45€ 
 External video - 80€ 
 External video and photos - SPECIAL OFFER 80€ 
Payment method *
 On delivery
Not possible outside of Slovenia.
 In Ljubljana