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How does a typical tandem skydive look like

1. Arrival to the airport

The customer must arrive to the airport and fill out the application at least 30 minutes prior to the jump.

2. Preparation for the tandem skydive

Firstly, your tandem instructor assigns you a skydiving suit, a helmet, gloves and goggles. Then he briefs you for the jump, which takes approximately 10 minutes. During these 10 minutes he introduces you to the gear, and walks you through the procedures of the jump – he tells you about the airplane, teaches you everything about the exit, shows you the required body position, explains you how to control the canopy, and shows you the proper position for a safe landing.

skok s padalom

3. Panoramic flight to altitude

It takes the airplane about 20 minutes to reach the altitude of 4000 meters. During the time when the airplane is climbing, the tandem instructor will show you the landscape, keep you up to date about the altitude, and make a great atmosphere.

panoramski let

4. The tandem skydive

The highlight of the jump is the exit from the airplane, and the freefall itself. But you won’t feel the fall, you won’t either feel the gravity, you will only feel the wind on your skin, and the sensation of floating at the speed of 200 km/h.

tandemski skok

5. Under the canopy

At the altitude of 1500 meters, the tandem instructor will activate the canopy. From that moment on, the speed and the wind is replaced by a feeling of calmness, while you glide under the canopy through unlimited space. The tandem instructor will give you the commands, and with his help, you will be able to ride the canopy until you reach 300 meters of altitude. That’s when the instructor will take the control, an land safely.

let s padalom

6. After the landing

Once you’re firmly on the ground, you will be wishing to get right back on the plane for another jump. As a proof of your courage and as a souvenir of your jump, you will then receive a diploma.

pristanek s padalom

Tandem skydive video gallery

Tandem skydive photo gallery

More info about tandem skydiving

    Pricelist for tandem skydiving


    Tandem skydive

    210 €

    Surcharge for greater weight – over 100 kg

    20 €

    Video footage of the jump

    80 €

    Video footage + photos of the jump

    80 €

    Video footage of the jump by a hand-mounted camera

    45 €

    Video footage + photos of the jump by a hand-mounted camera

    60 €

    Group of more than 5


    Tandem skydive

    -preparation for the skydive
    -skydiving suit, helmet, gloves and goggles
    -skydive from the altitude of 3000-4000 meters
    -20 minute panoramic flight by airplane
    -up to 60 seconds of freefall
    -discount for any further skydives

    Tandem skydive with a professional video

    -preparation for the skydive
    -skydiving suit, helmet, gloves and goggles
    -skydive from the altitude of 3000-4000 meters
    -20 minute panoramic flight by airplane
    -up to 60 seconds of freefall
    -6-8 minutes DVD clip of your skydive with music and special effects
    -discount for any further skydives

    Tandem skydiving locations

    Tandem skyidives are executed anywhere, where there is an airplane appropriate for skydiving

    We arrange the location of the jump by telephone.

    -Slovenj Gradec
    -on occasion, tandem jumps are executed at some other airports, which depends of the demand and availability of an appropriate airplane.

    Video of the skydive

    If you wish to keep your adventure in your memory forever or you just want to share your adrenaline-pumped moments with your friends, we can film and photograph (approximately 250 photos) it for you:

    The video of your skydive consists of:

    -Preparations on the ground for the skydive
    -Boarding the airplane
    -Panoramic flight with the airplane
    -Exit and freefall
    -Flight under the canopy
    -Awarding of the diploma

    All of the filmed material will be professionally edited by our cameraman, he will also put in some music and special effects, and upload the video on our server. You will be then able to download the video directly to your computer.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    1. What are the age limitations?

    There are no special limitations regarding the age. The main thing is that you feel capable for the skydive. Although there is a limit for the children, who need to be at least 8 years old. Persons under the age of 18 must have a signed permit from their parents or their legal representatives.

    2. Do I need a medical certificate?

    No, a medical certificate is not required for a tandem jump.

    3. What are the weight limitations and why?

    The upper limit is 115 kg. The limit is determined by the gear manufacturer.

    4. What speed will we reach?

    The speed depends of the combined weight of the passenger and the tandem instructor. The speed also depends of the body position of the passenger in freefall. The minimal speed on a tandem jump is approximately 170 km/h, and the maximal speed up to 260 km/h.

    5. Is it 100% sure that I will be able to jump when I’m arranged to?

    Skydiving is a sport that depends on many factors such as : the weather, availability of the airplane, air traffic control etc., which we have no influence on. We will do our best to get you airborne when arranged, but there is always a slight possibility that you will have to wait for a little while for your jump, or even postpone it. We recommend that you take a couple of hours of your free time for the skydive.

    6. Is it safe to do a tandem skydive?

    Skydiving is a high-risk sport. But the technology has improved extremely, especially in the field of tandem rigs. Our tandem instructors are members of the national skydiving team and they use modern, technically sophisticated skydiving gear, including an electrical device, which deploys the reserve canopy in a case of emergency. Every tandem has two canopies, the main and the reserve.

    7. Has anybody hurt himself on a tandem jump?

    We are proud to say, that no passengers that jumped with our team were hurt. But to avoid any injuries, you have to listen and follow the instructions of your tandem instructor.

    8. Do you jump in any weather condition?

    No, because it could be risky. The jumps can be prevented by strong winds, thick clouds, rain or even snow.

    9. I have successfully completed a tandem jump. What’s next?

    This is actually one of the most frequently asked questions, due to the thrill after the jump. We offer an advanced skydiving course, so called AFF. by attaching a certificate of completion of the jump with us, you will receive a discount for the skydive course.