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Skydiving courses in a wind tunnel

What is a wind tunnel?

   Freefall simulator – a wind tunnel is a tunnel in which winds with speeds from 160 to 300 km/h can be generated (the speed is adjusted for the flyer). It is the best way to learn the skills needed in freefall.

Why would I go to a wind tunnel?

   Wind tunnel is considered as the fastest and safest way of gaining skydiving knowledge (in one hour in the wind tunnel, you can learn more than in 60 jumps)

The goal of our tunnel camp is to grant our students the most knowledge possible, in a very short amount of time, due to our rich experience and knowledge, gained in many wind tunnels across the globe.

Who is the wind tunnel suitable for?

   It is suitable for the beginners, recreationists or even experienced skydivers, as well as for those, that are only just considering a start in a skydiving career.
Therefore, absolutely everyone is suitable for our tunnel camp.

Our references?

  • We,the members of the Slovenian national skydiving team, were the first in Slovenia, to take up skydiving courses in wind tunnels.
  • Our tunnel knowledge was gained with the help of many world-wide known skydivers (some of the former World champions).
  • We are the first team in Slovenia, to organize such courses (our first ever Tunnel camp was back in 2006).
  • Our team combined has over 400 hours of tunnel time in many wind tunnels across the globe.
  • Until today, we have organized over 20 tunnel camps, and shared our knowledge with many skydivers and even none-skydivers from Slovenia and other countries.
  • We have also coached: team Feniks from Belgrade, that then won the national 4-way championship in Serbia; in 2008 we have coached the Slovenian A ski jumping national team in the Bedford tunnel in England.

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