Portorož airport is one of the most popular locations for tandem skydiving in Slovenia.
Portorož airport is based right next to the Slovenian-Croation border-just 500m away from the Sečovlje border crossing.

Why do tandem skydive passengers choose Portorož airport for their tandem skydives so often? Because during the flight to altitude, it offers stunning views of: Sečovlje salt marshes, slovenian coast, croatian coast.
After landing from the tandem skydive still overflown by all the adrenaline and all other uplifting emotions which fill your mind and body during the skydive, you can either go to the nearby Slovenian or Croatian coast to enjoy a swim and a well deserved rest.

We organise tandem skydives at the Portorož airport during the whole skydiving season which lasts from the beginning of April until the end of October, when the weather is appropriate – the majority of tandem skydives at the Portorož airport are done during weekends. We determine whether we will be skydiving in Portorož or somewhere else one weekend in advance, depending on the weather forecast and customer demand.

How to get to Portorož airport? Take the coastal highway to the very end, then continue straight toward Lucija and continue torwards Croatia. 500m before the border with Croatia you will see the Portorož airport on your right hand side. This is your final destination where the unforgettable experience of a tandem skydive awaits.
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If you would like to receive information about the up-coming tandem skydiving events contact us at this number +386 31-594-111 or fill out the application form below and you will be added to our notifications list.

Any person can apply to be added to our notifications list (whether or not the person possesses a tandem skydive gift certificate) even if they do not decide to go through with the tandem skydive. Everyone subscribed to our notifications list will receive a text message containing the location of our skydiving activity fort the upcoming weekend weekly (in case of a good weather forecast). When the time and location suits you, you only need to reply to the before-mentioned text message to apply for the skydive. After that, we only need to arrange the details of the skydive (date, time of arrival, location, etc.). In case you don't find a suitable time and place for the skydive, the notifications stop coming when the season finishes (end of October).