We organise tandem skydives at the Postojna airport just on a coupple of occasions during the season which last from the beginning of April until the end of October. We always have a GREAT time in Postojna.
We especially like the Postojna airport during the summer, when the thick tree crowns offer us the perfect shadow to make waiting for our flights a little bit easier.

Postojna airport is also home to the Aviopub restaurant, pizzeria and steak house, which serves really good food. We usually finish our skydiving days there with a nice meal.

Postojna airport address: Rakitnik 1, 6258 Prestranek
How to get here? Leave the coastal highway at the Postojna exit. Turn left towards Ilirska Bistrica and you are allready driving parallel to the Postojna airport runway. After 1,3km turn left and then after 200m you will get to Aviopub restaurant. Right behind the Avio pub there is the Postojna airport - your final destination where the unforgettable experience of a tandem skydive awaits.
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If you would like to receive information about the up-coming tandem skydiving events contact us at this number +386 31-594-111 or fill out the application form below and you will be added to our notifications list.

Any person can apply to be added to our notifications list (whether or not the person possesses a tandem skydive gift certificate) even if they do not decide to go through with the tandem skydive. Everyone subscribed to our notifications list will receive a text message containing the location of our skydiving activity fort the upcoming weekend weekly (in case of a good weather forecast). When the time and location suits you, you only need to reply to the before-mentioned text message to apply for the skydive. After that, we only need to arrange the details of the skydive (date, time of arrival, location, etc.). In case you don't find a suitable time and place for the skydive, the notifications stop coming when the season finishes (end of October).